Fashion Stickerbook Sub-Box. Versace June Box


Big changes happening over here at Rose Shadow 🥳
Our very first Bi-monthly sub box is coming this june!!
I'm very excited to launch this fashion sub box! This has been in the making for a while. And I'm so happy the day has finally come.

This is a Bi-monthly sub box. Meaning you'll be getting your boxes every other month.

What you'll be getting..
1. Fashion stickerbook. (The theme for June is VERSACE!!)
1. Matching magnetic pin
1. Bonus item (will be different for each box)

Sign-ups start June 1st - June 9th or until sold out. We are starting with a small quantity. We'll be adding more spots as we go.
Sub boxes start shipping the 20th.

There will be 3 purchase options
1 time purchase for 74$
Bi-monthly for 68$
3 months in advance for 200$

You can skip or cancel any time.

Fashion stickerbooks will only be available by subscription moving forward.
All fashion stickerbooks will be removed from the website May 31st.
What will stay in the shop is the full box sheets and novelty stickerbooks.
Anything extra from the box will be listed once the boxes 📦 ship.

Spots are limited!!

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